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Pay Your Bill Online! - Apr, 27 2018
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Frequently Asked Questions

Below are answers to frequently asked questions about bills from Care New England and its hospitals.

What is this balance that I am being billed for?

Your balance may be the result of unpaid co-payments and deductibles. Please call the customer service/patient financial service phone number on your bill for answers about a specific charge.

Did you bill my secondary insurance?

Sometimes, information about a secondary insurance is not obtained at the time of service. Please call the customer service/patient financial service phone number on your bill to confirm that we have complete secondary insurance information.

Why am I receiving multiple bills for one hospital service?

In addition to your hospital bill, you may receive additional invoices for select services. One of the reasons could be the separation of hospital and physician billing. The hospital will send you one bill and the physician who provided services for the hospital component will also send a bill for his/her charges.

Do you accept credit cards?

Each hospital, as well as the Care New England Physician Billing Office, does accept credit cards through our secure online bill payment service.

How can I arrange a payment plan?

Patient Financial Services assists patients with arranging formal payment plans. Specific contact information for each hospital is below:

Butler Hospital

If you have questions reguarding your Butler bill or wish to dispute payment, please contact Butler's Business Office at 401-455-6255.

CNE Professional Billing Office

  • Kent - 401-273-0641
  • Women & Infants' - 401-273-0641
  • Butler - 401-273-0641

Kent Hospital

Women & Infants
401-274-1122 x2120

Memorial Hospital

I cannot pay for this bill. What can I do?

Care New England and its operating units are committed to improving the health and well-being of our communities and to providing essential services regardless of ability to pay. Patients with no health insurance or inadequate health insurance are eligible to apply for an individual's financial assistance for services that are medically necessary.
Butler Hospital

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